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Dealer in same boat?

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I called my dealer re the "no xenon" and "no sport pack" threads. They told me that part of their job at the dealership, is reviewing the order status of hundreds of cars, to ensure that the factory is not altering the specs of those already ordered. I discovered that my car has been ordered, assigned a July 5 build date, and that the Sport pack option is still intact, but that I should continue to monitor the Owner's Lounge, so that if the factory deletes the Sport pack, or lights, or whatever, the dealer will have time to try to do something before the car is built entirely unlike what I ordered. What a way to do business.
Am I to believe that my car will have the entire Sport pack intact, or will the factory wait until there's just-enough-time to delete it before it's built? Anyone else with an early-July build date, who has already gotten word that their car won't have Sport or xenons? Or any confirmation that it will?
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My guess is they will leave it intact to keep you happy and committed to the car. Then they will move the production date out or delete the sport package a week or so before the scheduled production.
You will get the Xenons(only part of the sport pack that was delayed i believe)....July builds see xenons again...atleast for the S that is.
Just about every source says:

"Xenons and the Sports Package will PROBABLY return for July Production".

Take that as you will.

So on Independence Day, I'll sit by my computer, watching the Owner's Lounge like an ebay sniper, willing the minutes to tick by, hoping and praying that the car is built as ordered . . .
Rick, my dealer confirmed today that the Sport pack was still intact (late June build), and the owners lounge confirms. But I will be watching closely.

BTW, MINI Northwest is now qouting 1 1/2 year wait for the S, and 9 months for the Cooper. Amazing! Are you paying MSRP for yours?
I have a scrap of paper that says I will owe "MSRP plus options".
Stopped by the dearship, yesterday. It is very nice. They have DS and EB Cooper Ss, as well as a half-dozen Coopers. One of the Coopers is in the darker metallic blue, with aero package, hood stripes and checkerboard roof. I like the checkered roof.
MINI NW looks nice

Funny Rick, I stopped by Saturday. Test drives are booked for weeks in advance (though weekdays are pretty open).

I really liked the EB S, and saw the DS S and came away convinced I made the right color choice for me (DS/W). I also saw the sunroof, and confirmed I won't order it. It's cool, but the mechanism is a bit chinsy and the mesh cover lets alot of sunlight through. I like the look of the metal roof anyway.

Did you drive one? Offer is still open for the test, but it has to be a weekday.
was there too.

Took the wife to look at the colors on real cars. The indie blue Cooper looks really sharp. As does the BRG with tan interior. However, I really do not want to wait until Nov/Dec to get the car (Sept build). Settled on DS/Blk. If the yellow was brighter, I would have gone that way. Also decided to stay away from the beautiful R90 wheels. Too tough to clean.

Test drive Tues PM with build sheet in my hand. Hopefully, Aug car. :D :D

I also the salesguys dropping the disappointing news to quite a few people. :(
Northwest option charge

Forgot to mention:

Mini NW Dealer said they were going down the list to take orders/deposits (funny, thought they had done this) and that's why the 1 1/2 yr. wait list for the S. So your MSRP plus options paper may not constitute a binding contract until an order is placed. I thought about that when I placed an order with Mini in UT. They sent me a really vague deposit slip, which I tore up and and redrafted an option contract which specified my place in line and MSRP, plus my deposit. (Helps when you practice law for a living). Doesn't sound like Mini NW will do you wrong though.

They did say that they were adding a dealer markup of about $250, to cover "handling". Basically, a nod to market conditions. If you can get an order in for delivery this year, methinks I would pay the charge. Not sure what their margin is on the car, but it's probably not as good as it would be if they could charge market differential.
I did get a test drive, about two weeks ago; it lasted all of ten minutes, so I'm going to drive it again when I have a chance - maybe Thursday. What kind of arrangements do you have to make for the test, Dave?
My car has been ordered, and it's expecting in August. I was chatting-up all the western Washington BMW dealers, long before the MINI dealership was "awarded", so I'd know the people with whom I'd be dealing. Keeping in touch like that got me a good placing on the "conatct list", which meant I got an early call to place my order. I don't really mind the small mark-up; as long as the car is aexactly what was ordered, and arrives when it's supposed to.
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