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According to 866-ASK-MINI, my car left Southampton on a boat on Dec 6th. And according to my dealer, the boat will arrive Port Hueneme, Calif on Jan 2. Wallenius Wilhemsen has no record of my VIN number, and they didn't have a boat on that day anyway. So I'm assuming I'm on a K-Line boat. I called my dealer to ask for the Bill of Lading number for my car, but they claimed ignorance and totally blew me off.

Q. 1) Can anyone confirm that a K-Line boat left Southampton on Dec 6th, arriving Hueneme Jan 2? If so, what's the boat name?

Q. 2) Can someone post a bill of lading number or booking number or whatever for that ship? Maybe with that number, I can get of list of cars on that boat and find mine!


- Ken
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