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Deliberate Damage

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Well, it's happened. Took all of about 5 weeks to get a two foot key scratch along the passenger door from some soul of questionable parentage. Anyone got any experience of the cost of putting these things right at the dealer? Not many accessory shop repair sticks around for velvet red!
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:eek: :(

Sorry to hear about that, jobseeker.
another vandalised MINI in Leeds. What the hell is going on there??????

They sure dont like MINIs in Leeds.......:(
That bites, big time! :mad:

Not sure about costs for repairs from the dealer, as I managed to polish my damage out (no comfort, I know)...

I took mine to Scotthall and asked their bodyshop to do an estimate for sorting it out whilst some other bits were being done. That was about a week ago, still waiting for the quote through the post...

Where abouts in Leeds are you, if you don'y mind me asking?

Good luck sorting it out, anyway. Vigilante time, I say! :mad:
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