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Denison Link Plus - paying with Paypal

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Hey guys,

Does anyone know any reseller who sells the Denison Link Plus and accepts paypal, I was hoping to but that and a few other bits and pieces (fitting cables for nokia car kit) from mikey but alas he doesnt accept.

For those wondering, me and the missus have a joint account and card, and she is watching me like a hawk at the moment, I have cash in my paypal account, which to all intents and purposes is untracelable to her :)
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LOL like it but sorry don't do paypal
Not sure if anyone else does
Open a secret account ;)
You could send Postal orders - but then whichever way you order won't she suss you when the box arrives
I have a PayPal Visa debit/credit card. Operates just like a bank Visa debit card off of the balance in my PayPal account. Very convenient and accepted by anyone who can take Visa.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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