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This thread at e46fanatics may be of use.

Basically, ice>Link Plus now has two operating modes. iPod user interface mode is just like the original ice>Link:iPod, i.e. you touch the iPod directly and FF/RW, etc., are passed from the head unit. In this operating mode, no data is transmitted from the iPod but the iPod UI remains intact.

In Dension User Interface mode, there's 2-way communication with the iPod (like the original BMW interface, Alpine KCA420i, etc) so CDs map onto playlists. (one of) the really smart thing(s) about ice>Link Plus is that instead of killing the iPod display (e.g. a static BMW or Alpine logo), ice>Link Plus uses the iPod as an auxiliary display device in Dension User Interface mode showing ID3 data. On some CD Text compatible head units (and that's not Wave or Boost) then ID3 data is also passed to the head unit. Although BMW head units (e.g. E46 Business RDS) will be text-enabled in a later firmware release (yes - you can update the firmware on ice>Link Plus with an update file from the iPod), Mini head units are not text capable unfortunately.

Using this concept of the iPod as an auxiliary display device enables the ice>Link Plus menu. This is accessed by pressing CD6. The menu lets you browse *all* iPod playlists as well as enable features like AlbumPlay. You can even use the menu to map AlbumPlay onto the head unit's random key. Other menu functions include repeat/scan/random (for head units that don't have these keys), mode change (into iPod user interface mode), firmware updates, etc.

ice>Link Plus is a modular design. This means that if you buy it for (e.g.) Wave and then replace your head unit with a Kenwood, you only need to buy a new ice>Link Plus to Kenwood cable. The head unit protocol is configured from the iPod!

We start shipping in 1-2 weeks and dealers are being updated with information and pricing this week.

Hope this sheds some light.


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