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Diagnosis help!

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Hi guys and gals!

My 2007 Cooper S has, for a long time, suffered a minor intermittent miss-fire. I've chased this issue for some time, but to date no luck. This Wednesday the issue (if it is the same issue) became much more serious, quite suddenly idle was rough like it's about to stall and higher RPMs are also noticeably rough. It has trouble starting. There are no error codes.

My past investigations lead me to believe this is a failure in the ECU itself, however I would like to check as many possibilities as I can before sending the ECU away and possibly wasting cash.

Please let me know if you think I've missed anything. This is what I am checking:
  • High pressure fuel rail (HPFP)
  • MAF sensor and wiring
  • CAM sensor and wiring
  • Crank sensor and wiring
  • Throttle position (OBD2 reading from the throttle manifold)
  • Ignition wiring
  • Coil packs
  • Injector wiring
  • Air leaks
All four injectors and spark plugs were replaced about 1 year ago so I do not suspect them.

Am I missing anything critical?
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Well i had a similar issue, we virtually rebuilt the engine, still same fault.......guess what??? Fuel pump was the problem!!!!!
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