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Different power on different days

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I have a r56 2010 (60 plate) cooper s N18 July build car pre lci, just coming up to 90,000 miles.
I’m having a slight issue,
Some days when I’m driving the car it seams like it’s lacking a bit of power, engine just seems more noisy like it’s working hard and feels like I’m dragging an anchor with my foot on the floor
Another day it feels like the power is back, engine quite and very good throttle response, and barely have to press the throttle pedal to make the car go.
I’m not getting any fault codes, no miss fire or anything like that.
Only thing I have noticed is that some days it’s more noticeable when the power comes in when accelerating either turbo kicking it or the variable valve lift/timing working,
I’ve had a scanner plugged in and done live stream to try to check cam timing and other cam/timing related things but the n18 doesn’t seem to support this function, yet I’ve used the same scanner on an n12 and it tells me all of the above that the n18 won’t.
Any ideas, thanks
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Autel makes really good scan tools and some for only $499 U.S.
here is a more affordable one:
The other thread I just commented on sounds like something you might need to consider. That is raising the adjustment on the turbocharger actuator by one thread.
I just made the comment concerning B.O.V. or diverter valve. High mileage cars can benefit from raising the boost by 2psi. There are small you can do in the meantime aside of raising the boost. Which makes a lot of sense considering as the N18 get higher mileage the composite plastic, P.O.M. material,Teflon, etc whatever the material that the oil wiper rings are made out of wears away. Leaving soot in the combustion chambers, and blow by gasses into the crankcase.
The way in which I interpret this is that, the whether may play a part in all of this. Meaning your outside air temperature sensor on the inside of your front bumper. It may not be secured or just gone bad. That temp you see on the console behind the steering wheel lets you know what temp it is outside. Well that is two fold. It also lets the computer know how to set the air, fuel,timing,etc. along with a number of other things. So that may be your culprit. Sense you have no warning lights or apparent problems. Checking or replacing the the Vanos solenoid is also a option at that mileage if you have not already. As the old Solenoids can get clogged up: due to not having any screens built into them. A vanos does trigger a codes of sorts though So I would not suspect that.
Checking for air,and vacuum leaks on a turbo system is a good practice all along the intake hot and cold side of the turbo piping. Today was frigid where I live. I drove my Mini Cooper to Wal-Mart. And sense it is a new rebuilt engine it did not tick at all. Is your Mini Cooper Ticking real bad or just the standard ticking?
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Motor vehicle Light Electrical wiring Audio equipment Cable

Here's something that cost very little but I noticed early on it made a big difference.
In the picture:
1.In the red circle are the two vacuum hoses
2. the two inlets to the vacuum reservoir.
3. green arrows pointing to the little zip ties I put on the hoses.
The hoses are loosely on there and have nothing holding that down tight.
and mini zip ties on every end of the vacuum hoses DOES make a difference.
It is a little bit of work to pull the intake manifold. but it is worth that throttle.
Even the one on the vacuum actuator on the turbo charger(which is easy to see and touch just by popping the hood and looking down there). you can push off with one finger it's not even holding on like a traditional vacuum hose. GO try it and see! you don't even need to do a pinch grab to pull it off the turbo actuator.
In that picture is the other side to all that. and it is the same way. tighten that up and it will make a difference of sorts. Maybe not a big time major difference, but something note worthy.
What I get for better throttle response was the
It's a cheap enough upgrade and maintains to some extent throughout the day of driving the throttle response. Which comes in good on heat soak sunny days!
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