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Hi all

Got a bit of a dilemma, when My wife ordered her MCSC back in Oct some time, she was told her car would be ready in about 5-6 months which we said ok, maybe 6 six months and wait for the new reg. We had a phone call the other day to say that the car will soon be in production and to finalise the spec.

What I want to know is, how long does it take from when the car has gone into production to when you take receipt of the car, would it be beneficial to my wife to wait until the new reg has come out??? :confused:
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I presume it's the same for Convertible as Hard top MII's. So I have got a MINI One D on order ordered back in September I think?
I have had confirmantion it will be built in Week 6 and delivered to Dealers on 22nd Feb. So quite a short turn around when you have that week Build. Yes I would reckomend waiting until the new Reg's for March-Even if it is built and comes early the dealer can store and wait to register it on March 1st.
It's a personal choice whether to wait for the new plate - it can make a small financial difference ~£500 come resale time so you've got to decide whether the few weeks without the car is worth the cash, and 'prestige' of driving around on a new plate. Hey you may be able to negotiate a couple of freebies if you register the car in Feb as dealers always struggle to make their targets that time of year...

Dealers are used to the request to hold cars until Mar 1 (or Sept 1) - I know people who have cars sat at dealers now waiting for March - don't know if I could wait for that long. My Boxster was scheduled for Feb build so planned to pick it up Mar 1 which alos happens to be my birthday (nice pressie!) but they've all be coming in early so not too sure what to do if mine arrives in Jan.....
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