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DINAN cold air intake system

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Have any of you good mini2 owners got this air filter if so can you give me some feedback on it please.

Thanks Neil.


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OK then if not this one then which one.

I Want that Supercharger to whine more :D :D loads more

Neil...just after a Little help. :D
The Alta intake probably offers the most noise and the best performance gains.

:readme: FAQ: What air intakes are available for the 'S'?
Can you buy the Alta in the U.K .
Try this:

I'm looking at a Cold Air Induction kit too, but I'm not sure which one to get, like you I want more whine, but don't want it to be too much.
Went out in my brothers EVO 8 yesterday with a HKS induction kit, that sounded great and prompted me to look at one for the S
Hi James

Thanks for the link to Graham goode's and they are only about 20mins from my work place.

Have you seen this K+N induction kit from Mini sport only £81.

Has anyone got this air filter and some feedback would help.

Thanks Neil.


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As anyone got a non standard air filter on their S then .

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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