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Dinan Upgrades

D Dubya said:
I've got it also, and it is great! No huge performance difference, but my car was flashed with Dinan Stage 4 software and it normally take 3 tanks of gas for everything to fall into place. I have all of the performance parts Dinan makes, so I am not sure what difference this would make on a stock car, but I recommend it. Definitely at the ebay price!

I'm glad you said that. I was actually just searching around looking for opinions of Dinan's S1 upgrade package. I'm really considering going with them for all of my upgrades as well. My concern with the S1 upgrade is that it looks like you make most the power (HP anyway) high in the rev range - so I'm concerned that the difference in the car would not be as great as the 18 HP increase make its seem (ie if your car makes 18 extra HP but it's all in the last 300 RPM before redline, it's not terribly useful on the street. I know this syndrome well, my last car was integra GSR which really started making power around 6000 RPM). On the other hand, the kit does seem to make more torque pretty much throughout the rev range. Have you found that there's more usable power throughout the range, or that it's pretty much all at the top end? While I'm at it, do you have the stage 3 suspension kit as well? What are your thoughts? This would be easier if they would just hurry up and release their boost increase and bigger intercooler.

Thanks a lot.

1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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