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Now, don't ask me why I keep following up on this, but I do! ;) Spoke with a representative yesterday about the products listed below, along with the response:

Pulley - the pulley is in its "final stages" of testing. When asked about a possible release date/timetable, the reply was, "I would be very surprised if it is released after December 2004." So, hopefully we can expect it on or before the holidays! I asked this gentleman if he could share any information he knows about the Dinan pulley. They are currently putting together a kit that will equal or outpower the JCW kit for 1/2 to 3/4 the price. The pulley, when installed, will run a slightly higher boost amount than the JCW kit. No other information regarding this "kit" was given.

Intake - he did not believe that installing the Dinan intake on a '05 MCS would be a problem. I do not get the impression that you need the Dinan SW upgrade to install the Dinan intake, although I imagine it is recommended.

Software - this is a current issue with the '05 MCS MY. They are in the process of looking at the '05 software to see what, if any, changes need to be made. So, no timetable given on this! It may be a while before we see something in this arena.

Exhaust - Again, they are working on any changes that need to be made to the '05 MCS (hanging points), if any prior to releasing it for sale to the public.

And as always, certain Dinan upgrades (pulley, ECU) will void the MINI warranty, but Dinan will put in place their own warranty that covers these parts for the duration of the old(er) factory warranty. We only need to locate a local Dinan authorized dealer to purchase and install the parts.

Regards to all!
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