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Direct line robbery

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Hi people,

Are u all ready for a laugh? I have 8 years no claims, and have been insured with Direct Line for quite a few years as they have generally been the cheapest, but not any more!
I paid £350 for my Cooper insurance, and when I got my S, I paid £60 to upgrade the insurance for the six weeks that were left on my policy.
I did an online quote to get a rough idea of what I would be paying and it came out at £591, so imagine my surprise when my renewal drops in today - £938.70

Hello, but how can my insurance nearly triple moving from a Cooper to an S?
I phoned them up and they refused to budge, so they have now lost my business to someone else, probably Adrian Flux, who quoted me £500.

Does anyone else think they have a computer which just generates random numbers?

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This is the exact reason why i did not buy a S. group 16 insurance on MCSC. 8 on MCC.
random nuber generator - yep. how often do they ask 'what's your best quote so far?' that what really pssises me off about insurance; its not based on any formula, merely on your willingness to pay what they quote. agree a low price with one victim? simply up the charge to the next one
Insurance premiums are based on rates established over many years of statistical data that is calculated by actuaries (statistical experts employed by insurers). Premiums are also influenced heavily by each insurer's loss history. Lots of claims paid out = bigger premiums to shore up the losses.

It always pays to shop around with different insurers. As you've noted, premiums for the same coverage can vary tremendously. I shop at every policy renewal and usually end up saving money. And, "loyalty" -- how long you stay with an insurer, means nothing. All they're interested in is your loss history, how much they've paid out in claims for you. If you don't have claims or traffic violations, all insurers love you.

Shop around to get the best rates, stay with reputable carriers. This may not work if you have lots of traffic violations or wrecks, that narrows your market significantly.
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That doesn't surprise me in the slightest.
mine is due on 30th oct.i have been quoted £515,thats full comp,9years NCD,aged 37. i still want a cheaper quote than that.i will let you know how i get on.
Well if all the passengers in a car that has an accident would stop claiming injuries and compensation when it isnt real then maybe our premiums might go down. But since we're turning into an american culture where everyone starts a court case for someone not holding a door open things will only get worse. Or maybe the insurance companies could actually investigate these claims alot better instead of investigating the driver and car so much. I've never had a premium under £800 in my life! But thats what you get for being young! And Directline hate modifications. But then they are still the cheapest for me unless I mod a car where Adrian Fluc then becomes the cheapest by far.

Everyone should shop around and get quotes from places like Adrian Flux then goto someone like Tesco or Directline to beat it. Often gets you a big off your premium!

Forgot to ask.... how many points have you got Aston? or accidents in the last 3years?
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Tesco won't price match I tried it when I moved to Norwich Union after 3 years with Tesco. But then had to eat humble pie and go back to Tesco when I had the JCW kit fitted as Norwich Union cancelled my cover.
Everyone has their own experience of various insurance companies but so far Direct Line have been pretty okay.I've been with them quite a few years now and i find them reasonable.I know whay you mean about getting different info depending on who you speak to.When i phoned Direct Line to first insure my 03 MINI ONE there was a disagreement over whether or not they needed to list my s spokes.They said they did,i said its come from the factory like that so they're not aftermarket so you don't need to.After a disscussion with her superior she still insisted they needed to list them...they did and fortunately after all that it didn't increase the premium.When i phoned to insure my 05 MINI ONE i had the same conversation but in reverse,the guy said i didn't need to list them and i explained that i had to list them the year before.So after some persuassion(spelling?) he did put them down,and my viper stripes ....and neither altered my premium..
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Yeah, good old directline arent bad. Well until you want to insure a modified car or a high power car. Then you just go to tescos as they will let me insure almost anything as long as it an alarm.. :confused: Weird! But for the last 3 and a half years directline has always been cheaper for me. And i've insured alot of temporary cars with them without any problems!

But I must say Adrian Flux has got to be the best priced for young dudes with modified cars.
Scotty mate.... your just the wrong age for this car yet mate... Your what, 26 years old, still a high risk, and you live in Slough (ooops, sorry, Maidenhead).....

You've probably got some points? An accident history? Dodgy neighbourhood?

Moving house even a few hundred yards can put you in a different kind of insurance friendly neighbourhood..... perhaps you have a neighbour whoose recently had their car nicked - could be any such factor....

Directly line have been reasonable with my insurance. They are a big company that only want straight forward business - no messing about, so perhaps they priced you out as a bad risk.

Try Liverpool Victoria for insurance, I've never heard a bad thing about them and they seem cheap.
do the online quote again. it will be loads cheaper than their renewal price. directline do that! that said if you plan to mod AF will be cheaper for sure. I swapped between these two companies when i started to mod my astra turbo.

Oh and you have the priviledge of my first mini2 post! may there be many more to come! (considering ordering a one convertable for the wife (and me!))
arbee said:
Oh and you have the priviledge of my first mini2 post! may there be many more to come! (considering ordering a one convertable for the wife (and me!))
welcome to mini2.

Scottybhoy £500 from AF is a good price,i was quoted £560 and i'm 30 with 7 year ncb living in the sticks with the car in a locked brick garage.

I went with Privilage in the end as they were even cheaper and the level of insurance was higher, but when I confirmed the quote over the phone it went up from £360 on the web to £460 when they asked about all the options fitted, the 17" rims, leather & tinted glass made the difference, apparently if you don't tell them about the options(even the factory fitted bits) they're not insured in an accident, only the base car will be.
Tesco insurance is all done through the Direct line Group as is Mini ins (notice simular format when getting an online quote).
They have been the cheapest so far for me and ive used them for about the last five years, but there underwriters seem to be getting very tight i.e (slightly ott from me but this is roughly how silly they are getting) --- oh youve modified your dustcaps sir? me: yes ive put black plastic ones on. them- oh thats an extra £300 sir, oh hold on a minute i see your gf is on ur policy and shes under 25 so we cant insure you sorry. me wtf :confused:

Thus to say in January I will be changing ins company from Direct Line
direct line remain the cheapest i have come across. I recently tried putting my details for my car, onto norwich unions site, with 1 years no claims, (which i hope to have come march...fingers crossed) and put my age to came to £2560!!! Direct line for the past year was £1300, still rather hefty sure u lot will agree, but it was the cheapest. Come march (as above :D) it should go down by half.

I mustve searched at least a hundred different insurance firms, and direct line was about 100quid cheaper than the next best (tesco).

Was discussing with the dealer about insurance for an S...very much doubt it will be possible for a few years yet for me.
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