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Everyone has their own experience of various insurance companies but so far Direct Line have been pretty okay.I've been with them quite a few years now and i find them reasonable.I know whay you mean about getting different info depending on who you speak to.When i phoned Direct Line to first insure my 03 MINI ONE there was a disagreement over whether or not they needed to list my s spokes.They said they did,i said its come from the factory like that so they're not aftermarket so you don't need to.After a disscussion with her superior she still insisted they needed to list them...they did and fortunately after all that it didn't increase the premium.When i phoned to insure my 05 MINI ONE i had the same conversation but in reverse,the guy said i didn't need to list them and i explained that i had to list them the year before.So after some persuassion(spelling?) he did put them down,and my viper stripes ....and neither altered my premium..
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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