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Hi people,

Are u all ready for a laugh? I have 8 years no claims, and have been insured with Direct Line for quite a few years as they have generally been the cheapest, but not any more!
I paid £350 for my Cooper insurance, and when I got my S, I paid £60 to upgrade the insurance for the six weeks that were left on my policy.
I did an online quote to get a rough idea of what I would be paying and it came out at £591, so imagine my surprise when my renewal drops in today - £938.70

Hello, but how can my insurance nearly triple moving from a Cooper to an S?
I phoned them up and they refused to budge, so they have now lost my business to someone else, probably Adrian Flux, who quoted me £500.

Does anyone else think they have a computer which just generates random numbers?

1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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