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Insurance premiums are based on rates established over many years of statistical data that is calculated by actuaries (statistical experts employed by insurers). Premiums are also influenced heavily by each insurer's loss history. Lots of claims paid out = bigger premiums to shore up the losses.

It always pays to shop around with different insurers. As you've noted, premiums for the same coverage can vary tremendously. I shop at every policy renewal and usually end up saving money. And, "loyalty" -- how long you stay with an insurer, means nothing. All they're interested in is your loss history, how much they've paid out in claims for you. If you don't have claims or traffic violations, all insurers love you.

Shop around to get the best rates, stay with reputable carriers. This may not work if you have lots of traffic violations or wrecks, that narrows your market significantly.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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