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So which headliner with a sunroof? Dirty Aspect or Aesthetics

  • Standard Headliner

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  • Anthracite Headliner

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Just going over the spec of my car while I am waiting for it to be built, and I am just concerned about the headliner. I have the option of a sunroof, and just wondered if the standard light colour headliner will get dirty when the sunroof is open? Should I go for the Anthracite or will this show the marks more, or be too dark?
Are the trims on the pillars darker with the anthracite headliner, or is it just the headliner thats dark?

Help! I think all this time waiting is just making me think of problems that don't exist!!
Any comparison pics appreciated


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I have the anthracite with the roof.

I think the combo is great and hides any marks, the MINI i had before this one had the standard headliner and that did show up marks on the liner

It does make the pillars anthracite as well.
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