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Hi all, recently became the proud owner of a R56 Cooper. Love the car, but was unimpressed with the ride on the std 16" runflats. Swapped all 4 tyres for non runflat Dunlop's and the ride is MUCH improved and the steering feels more direct.
I actually went for 205 55 16's (87v} when I swapped over - probably the most popular size tyre sold and therefore cheap - just a little bigger than the standard tyre. However, I'm not sure on the pressures.
The tyre fitters set the pressures at 36 psi all round and they looked low, especially at the front. I have upped them to 38 at the rear and 42 at the front. The ride is still the same, but I don't look at them now and think they are flat!
I have seen that others with non runflats have also run higher pressures, but am I too high?


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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