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I've noticed several people complaining about split seals, damaged seals and intake pipes slipping off the turbo inlet. Here's a quick DIY on how to change and resolve the issues.

Here's what we'll need: brake cleaner, paper towels, a simple toolkit a new turbo inlet seal. The seal is 100% compatible with Citroen and Peugeot parts. I found my new seal on eBay for about 12 British pounds. Of course, we'll also need a Mini with a damaged seal!

Here's my 2009 PSA diesel engine:

and the equipment for this job:

The area we're interested in:

Sure, the seal looks okay from the outside, but let's take it out...
Undo the clip (mine is a jubilee clip) and slide the hose off. Mine came off without a fight:

Some oil inside is normal since the crankcase vents via the white take-off tube from the air piping and brings along some oil mist.

Here's the breather I am referring to:

Pop out the old seal:

Spray some brake cleaner on a paper towel and clean the turbo inlet and the intake piping thoroughly. What we don't want is engine oil on anything. If that happens, the pipe will tend to slide off the turbo no matter how much you tighten it! And overtightening will split the seal!

Here's what mine looked like (that split shouldn't be there):

See the new part (on right), same as the old part, but no split!

Fit it into the intake piping. Take your time, eventually it will go. Just don't damage it!

By the way, it's a genuine Citroen part. Mini won't sell these individually. They make you purchase the entire length of piping between the airbox and the turbo. I was quoted about €90. Cost of seal with delivery was about €18.

I bought mine from Howard's garage. Quick and fast delivery. Ebay link is here:

I know the list of compatible cars on the eBay site doesn't include Mini, but trust me, it's the exact same part and it will fit.

I don't have any pictures for the next step, but it involves gently working the pipe with new seal back onto the turbo. Work slowly, take your time, wiggle it back and forth a little. I assure you it will go. When it's flush, tighten the clamp, but not too tight or you'll damage or split the seal!

Good luck, I hope this helps. I haven't driven the car with the new seal yet so I'll update tomorrow.

UPDATE: Marginal improvement in the pickup and acceleration, but still not 100%. I would advise doing this change if you have a split seal. If not to make sure there is no air ingress after the MAF (i.e. unmetered air), then to simply avoid broken pieces of rubber seal impacting the turbo turbine. It spins at 100,000rpms and more and is very easily damaged by debris.

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having changed this item to the swirl generator mentioned in previous articles, I seem to be getting a lot of black soot on top of the cover just after the intake connection. is this normal road use muck or something else
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