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Discussion Starter #1 have gotten a lot of questions as to how do you or how hard it is to install a set of Our stripes or graphics on your Mini cooper.

So we have decided to post up our directions sheet so everyone can see just how easy it is to install them.

ANYONE CAN DO IT IN a few short hours! It SUPER SUPER Easy!

We hope this helps some of you out and maybe you will come and purchase from us since we are here to asist you in any way we can!

Also of note here all of our stripes will fit all year Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper S models so if you have an o3 Mini or you have a new 07-08 Mini, Mini Coooper S, Clubman, or Convertable all of our stripes and graphics will fit your car. :biggrin:

We use only the highest quality automotive vinyl available

Prepare the surface. Application surface must be cleaned of all wax, oil and grease. If you desire to remove the MINI logo, do so by applying heat to the logo, which will soften the adhesive then gently pull back the logo while applying heat. Ensure no adhesive is present on the application surface.

Position striping as a test fit, being careful not to stretch the vinyl. The ideal installation temperature is 70-75 Degrees Fahrenheit. Install these stripes in the shade, avoiding excessive heat and cold.

Prepare a soapy solution using 3-4 drops of Dawn dish detergent to 1 quart of water. Do not add too much soap, as this will inhibit adhesion. Position striping and remove release liner exposing adhesive. Be sure the "hazy" top layer of pre-mask remains on the decal…this will prevent scratching the decal and aid you in removing all the air bubbles.

Wet the back of the exposed striping and the application surface liberally. Press striping onto the application surface removing some of the solution.
Position the stripes where you want them. Take a step back to eye up the alignment. Re-position as necessary using measurements from reference points on the MINI (i.e. the MINI logo or the washer jets)

Once properly aligned, go over entire stripe with a soft cloth and squeegee to ensure bond and that no air bubbles are present. Slowly and gently remove the pre-mask.

Check your work the next day. If you find air bubbles, pierce them with a pin and gently work the air out of the area with your squeegee.
To ensure a permanent bonding, allow at least 72 hours in direct sunlight before washing or waxing.
Follow the same instructions when applying the stripes to the roof and boot ensuring alignment is maintained with the bonnet.

If installing border accent stripes, it is important they be installed dry and press them down firmly with your thumb or squeegee once there placed where you want them on your Mini

Let the MINI community appreciate your sense of style. Be sure to email us a photo at [email protected] and we will gladly add it to our gallery.
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