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DJP leaves MINI

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After a very enjoyable 2 1/2 years with MINI I have resigned from Doncaster Motors.
As of Mid-December I have concluded my role at Doncaster MINI Garage & started at Bib Stillwell BMW in South Yarra.
I can still assist with MINI but my new position is primarily concentrating on BMW, although I will still try to come along on the MINI drives when I can get my hands on a Stillwell MINI.
See you next year !
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Congratulations on your move, and many thanks for your invaluable contribution to the MINI community, by providing a friendly, knowledgeable face to both the prospective and current MINI owner. Your attendance on the many MINI drives has given us a chance to get to know you better and we hope that you can continue to attend various MINI events in the new year.

I'll probably be seeing a bit more of you now.

Best of luck in your new position.

Wonderful David...

Hopefully we can still see you in the future in a Mini... but feel free to rock up in a nice M3 to show us how it's done!!

Best of luck for the future.

Congrats David.

Best wishes for this new venture in your life.


Best of luck....... and I hope to see you around.

Thanks for all of the help when I purchased my MINI.

thanks for the kind words guys
drop in for a coffee when you're in the neighborhood

Thanks for everything, for the drives, for the info, and for being such an enthusiastic and passionate 'car guy'. Our paths surely will cross again.

Good luck, you'll kill'em...

thanks Mark

E60 Touring is apparently scheduled for March Production........
So you are going to do the family cruises in your E60 Touring now, DJ?:D
DJP said:
thanks Mark

E60 Touring is apparently scheduled for March Production........
Started saving the gold coins in the old piggy bank.....
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