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Just FYI...about a yr ago I was looking for conversion option for the R56 DMF...I could find nothing and was told there were no conversions. Now aced with yet another clutch job I discovered Out motoring...
has numerous options ..I'm going
The aasco lightweight Street and race steel flywheel is designed as a direct replacement for the OEM Mini Cooper flywheel and will fit all OEM components. The heavy original flywheels are great for around town but when you hit the track or strip it is a different story. Since they weigh so much they rob engine power and don’t allow the engine to rev quick. This Track ready flywheel (less than 15lbs) will deliver more power to the wheels because it is not spinning a massive 36lbs OEM flywheel.

With less mass to spin your engine revs quicker which keeps your engine from working as hard during acceleration. This flywheel is designed for street and race applications so you know it can hold up to abuse. You will see the most performance gains in driving conditions that require you to get up to speed quick, quick changes in speed is required, or at wide open throttle, like in a Road Street and race or Drag Street and race.

So if you are hitting the Drags, Rally, Auto Cross, or even using the car in stop and go traffic this is the flywheel for you. So don't waste your money on something that you will not be happy with or regret getting later. Buy the aasco light weight flywheel today!

-Light weight for improved performance: 14 lbs
-Replaceable friction surface
-Work with all OEM parts
-High tolerance manufacturing to insure a perfect hassle free installation
-Friction surface pre proprietary prepped for Kevlar
-Highest quality materials
-CAD designed/ CNC machined in house for the ultimate in quality control
-One year limited warranty
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