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Do these remap numbers sound right?

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Hi guys, new to the forum and joined because I'm on the verge of becoming an owner! Was looking into remaps for a 2012 n18 Cooper S. I'm attaching the power figures that the remap will apparently give. They seem exactly the same as the Avon remap, maybe they are a dealer for it.

My main question is do these number seem correct and possible to get out of a stock Cooper S, mainly surprised by the claimed torque increase. From what I've seen they don't have 240nm from standard? Can claims this too. He did mention if he can do it via obd it will be £250 but if he has to bench map it it will be £300 and I can also get the car dynoed for £70 quid. Thanks!
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Avon claims the 240nm standard too**
Looks about right, something to compare it with

You'll need to check if it's a stage 1 or stage 2 tune, as stage 2 requires hardware mods to keep things cool and better flow.
cant beat rolling road time and bi spoke map i got a decat'd n14 cooper s that made 206bhp we think there's still more in there, but think it would hurt fuel mpg,, and would need a bigger inter-cooler and inlet and exhaust for next level, the N18 is even more powerful and is used in psa car at 270bhp or more, one will say is timing chain must be all good and before mapping anything get it serviced new plugs and air filter etc , also f car over 50 k and not had the inlet valves cleaned it a must do job,, also worth stick catch can on them if breathing heavy, i just rebuilt mine and it dont breath now used the latest spec piston rings from N18 engines in the N14 motor call it a educated gamble and so far its been battered on rolling road for 7 runs with 100 miles on it and now i'm up over 400 miles and its been driven a hard a few times tryng to burn oil out the exhaust from the bow up before and i can now drive it in 6th gear pretty much every where at 1500-2000 revs even up most hills and see mid 40s mpg on b roads just taking it easy and its smooth no flat spots anywhere and when give it hell even when not in sport mode it pulls the front upwards and just revs to red line,, see rolling road time will give the map for that car and more care to where the delivery is through out the rev band,, ie having the mpg low down torque is more important to me and having a bonkers top end is not needed really hence why at 206bhp i will keep it at that its enough and a balance between mpg and power ,,, i could of asked for every little bit of power at top end like a power band but rather have progressive no lag no hesitation power,,
below link worth a look, think they were doing some deals this month for rolling road maps
Black Magic Performance Centre Ltd
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I have experience of many, many, tuned cars in my time.
Those figures sound quite reasonable and fairly standard from just a remap.
To make an informed decision you need to see the comparative figures across the Rev range not just the maximums.
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