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Does anyone know of agreed value insurance for a first gen mini convertible?

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Hi all,

I have an R52 Cooper Convertible which I bought privately 15-months ago. It was up for sale for £3,000 but it needed brakes, exhaust, rear hood-to-boot trims and a decent service, so after negotiation, I paid £2,200 for it.

It has lowish miles, had a faulty ignition switch & dead battery 4-months ago, so as I enjoy maintaining my Mini, I have, in the last year replaced:

All discs & pads. (£160)
Exhaust. (£90)
Front shock absorbers. (£245)
Rubber front strut mounts. (£80)
Battery. (£70)
Ignition switch (£90)
Rear hood-to-boot trim rubbers with chrome inserts (£220)
Full service (£100)

Total: £1,055

The car looks great, runs great and just sailed through it's MOT...

But here's the thing, if it got written off or stolen, I expect the insurance company would pay our maybe £1,000 - but to replace the car to the same standard my car is in, with all the new parts etc, I'd probably need to spend around £3,500

Hence asking if anyone knows of 'Agreed Value' UK car insurance for a 14-year old Mini Convertible??
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You would most likely need to speak to the insurance company directly and sort out and confirm the AGREED Value.

Some insurance companies say they'll replace like for like but come to claiming time might be another story.
You should get what you’ve e valued it at, unless you’ve over-valued it.
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