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Does this Sound like timing chain?

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Hello all- new to the forum as just about to buy a cooper s 2007. I know these are not great audio quality but could use your valued experience to understand if you can hear a timing belt issue with this engine. I will have to travel to view so wanted to get an idea thanks in advance

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Seems like normal GDI sounds to me.
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Seems like normal GDI sounds to me.
many thanks for that! much appreciated!
just because they dont rattle dont alway mean the chain is not stretched, rule of thumb on the cooper s especially as rev harder for longer due to being turbo car is around 60,000 miles needs a chain , seen many not make a noise and then suddenly snap top guide off and bend all the valves,, also while doing chain clean out inlet ports as well for carbon,
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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