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Hi Everyone, ive got myself a brand new Dooper and have had it for 4 months now and im planning a few things for next year but i want to do all my performance mods in one go.

heres the list ive compiled feel free to add or take away from this or any recomendations:


1. K&N Apollo Intake Kit with Cold Air Feed £190
2. Lohen Enlarged Intercooler £440
3. MIJ Cat Back Exhaust (Will change it to Central like the S) £290
4. P-Tourqe Re-map


1. JCW Front Strut Brace £185
2. Eibach Springs £168
3. Eibach Anti-Roll bars £310
4. Lohen LB1 Brake Package £470


1. JCW Body Kit £1000
2. R112 Black Alloys £689
3. JCW Roof Spoiler £556

Obviously there is a priority of what i will start with handling and styling wise i will get bits as and when over the next two years. ive checked with Mini about the warrenty as well and it only invalidates the parts that i am replacing. plus most of these parts come with there own warrenty as well

So what do you all think? Performace wise im hoping for 140-150 bhp is that a makable figure or just a pipe dream

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So all your parts there you've listed .. will they work on a 2010 mini cooper diesel? because i've got one as well but been hard to find any performance parts for it except the tuning box.
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