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Just swapped our Gen 2 Mini Cooper hatch (bought new and owned for 12 years) for a fully loaded Gen 3 Clubman Cooper S. We've never had a car with anything but an analogue radio/CD or simple computer so getting my head round the info system is quite a learning curve!
I can work out how to play music with the iPad in the car, but I can't see anything in the handbook (neither in the printed handbook or the in-car handbook) about downloading Music from either an iPad or an iPod into the car so it can play without the device being present.
I assume this can be done as the previous owner mentioned he had done it.
I've done a search on the forum but can't find a thread on this, so I'd be very grateful if anyone can either point me to a previous thread or instruct on how to do it.
I don't know if it's relevant, but just incase, this is a UK car.
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