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So, whilst I was struggling fitting a toilet for mi old mum (!) my wife phones and says she can't open the driver's door on our R50 from the inside or out so had to resort to getting in the passenger side. Door appears to unlock on the remote and no different if using the key.

In the last few months I have replaced both actuators with second-hand units due to the central locking not working. It now works fine.

I had a look at it yesterday, took the driver's seat out and removed the door card. Both cables from the interior and exterior handles were still attached and appeared to be moving OK - difficult to see from the position I was in.

I waggled the lever on the actuator where the outside handle attaches and got the door open. I've since opened and closed the door several times and it opens from the inside and outside fine.

I suspect that the mechanism might have been stuck so I'm going to remove the actuator and see if it benefits from a clean - any suggestions about the best lubricant to use?

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