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Drivetrain and Engine Service warnings galore

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Hello folks

I own a 2015 mini cooper SD with about 80k on the clock - which is driving me nuts! Help!!

I have had in recent weeks a real problem, with drivetrain warnings and engine service lights coming on. I have then taken the Car to independent mini specialist engineers in Southampton. This has revealed a fault, for example a faulty sensor, which is then replaced, and then I collect and drive away. Within a few miles of driving I then get a new drivetrain and engine warning light and message, and have taken it back. This has happened now six times, with six parts (I am about £1500 in so far), and each time I drive away, a new warning light – so this begins to feel like a software problem, and not in fact the parts (which on a sensor for example are difficult to tell if the replaced part is actually broken). Instead of showing all sorts of faults, its fix one, dire away, new fault, and repeat. Equally odd is that when the drivetrain warning comes on and says "restricted performance", the performance is unchanged, and there is no reduction in power or speed. I am at a loss, as are the garage about what to do next. They have all the mini approved inspection software. Anyone got any suggestion, other than sell fast (which is a problem with the warning lights on)?

Kind regards
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Not too far from our engine guru @mike1967 in Plymouth - I would pay him a visit - he will solve your problems
with out knowing what codes , how many miles its done , is it used for sort trips or long trips any motorway use can help get a picture ,, also what codes are and were stored on ecu, and what sensors were replaced,, narrow it down, a diesel with 80000 miles on it is bang on where most get timing chain issues, and also get dpf and egr faults from dpf filter needing replacement, chain of events with te n47 diesels and b series do same things , is owners use it sort trips this dont give the system chance to fully regen and burn out the soots, this causes back pressure and soot to enter oil,, tis can add to the timing chains wearing faster , or timing chain stretches and causes more soot and while there is any fault codes logged in ecu the system wont regen causing dpf filter to clog up,
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