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I was looking for a place to try out driving a manual, as i'm learning on an auto at the mo and wanted to try manual before deciding which transmission to have on my new Mini One.

We found this company called 'AutoPass' and you get to try out driving on Top Gear's track. So I went yesterday and when I arrived at Dunsfold Aerodrome couldn't believe what an amazing place it is, huge compared to how it looks on TV.

It felt like it went on for miles and miles, although that could just be because I was driving an 'N' reg Peugeot which seemed unable to reach 40! The instructor pointed out Mercedes posh looking building with glass front, which is for people who have forked out a lot for their new merc and get to watch and have a go around the track in their new car. Then we went round Gambon corner and along the straight, where as on Top Gear they split off to the right for a bit. As we got a bit further along he pointed out the huge hanger at the end which is where they film Top Gear, which they are doing at the moment although the Stig wasn't out on track when I was!

Anyway disbite the rather crappy car it was a real experience to go round the track i've watch on TV so many times and hopefully one day i'll get to try out my Mini on it :D

P.S. I think i'm a manual convert!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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