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dsc&cruise control do not work 2007 R56 MCS

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Hello everyone ,
I'm a R56 Mini owner for a couple of months, i need to say that mine is not converted from automatic to manual(i've checked from VIN , it is Factory Manual). i want to explain my problems briefly ; firstly mine has issue about steering angle sensor(SZL) ,for instance the signals wont stop itself after turns,when i turn off the engine wiper works automatically ,also when i press the DSC button nothing was changing (no DSC light came on) ,when i activate the CC system its green light appear on the speedometer and it stays there till i deactivate it again ,but it did not work.I thought that all of them were caused by SZL unit.
SZL unit is repaired after these symptoms appear(i did not buy a new SZL unit btw.) and most of them are fixed except DSC and CC probems. Nothing has changed about DSC and cruise control , still nothing happens when i press the DSC button and also its green light turns on when i activate the CC system but nothing more.Today , to get error codes i've connected my car to diagnostic device. i've attached the link of pictures and error codes below .
ECM channel ;

3099 no EGS message,reciever DME,transmitter EGS(current)
i may be wrong ,but EGS fault is related with automatic BMW/Mini cars or the cars that are converted from automatic to manual transmission ?
others are caused by downpipe and water pump and i guess these are not related with my problems but if u want i can translate them into English just let me know.

ABS channel;
5DF3 DSC DME/DDE interface signal fault(current)
5E06 no signal from left rear wheel speed sensor(history)

Some people said that it might caused by ECU or ABS module .
i wish u guys can help me and give some idea about these problems .
Kind regards.

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Maybe a wheel speed sensor or something to that effect. If the vehicle can not see what speed your at the cruise control won't work. Wheel bearing starting to go?
Meraba, did you find your problem? I have the same 3099/5DF3
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