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Has anyone experienced this problem? Is it the DSC or the brake sensors or....?

2010 Mini Cooper D, R56, MY11, 4 cylinder 2 door hatch 1.6 litre manual

Here is the order of the symptoms and lights:

1. Spring like sound is heard then the tach goes, drops to zero and stops working

2. Two solid orange lights appear on the speedo
- Brake issues warning dashboard symbol
- DSC or electronic stability control symbol

3. Five flashing orange lights appear on the digital display in the following order:
- Tyre run flat monitor light
- Mini car on lift ramp warning light
- Brakes issue warning light
- DSC light
- Tyre pressure light

4. After the flashing lights stop, the tach resumes while the two solid orange lights remain

5. After about 5-10mins of driving with no stopping, steering becomes hard.

- I think points 2 and 3 happen at the same time
- stopping and switching the car off\on resets
- issue still occurred after the DSC was switched off

The mechanic ran computer diagnostics and found:
- DSC failed at 42,216kms at speed of 16km on 18/6/16
- power steering failed
- speed failed to be registered

- issue first occurred late Jan 2016 and didnt recur. can't remember if all symbols came up
- mechanic in late Jan confirmed rear brake pads worn and needed replacing soon
- rear brake pads\sensors were replaced 27 Apr 2016
- 30 Apr to 11 May recurred again and repeatedly until the DSC was switched off
- 11 May mechanic checked and found replaced sensors were faulty and booked in for replacement 19 May
- one month of driving with no error message, 18 Jun the issue recurred and continues despite switching off DSC
- 21 Jun mechanic advised DSC failed and not the sensors
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