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Anyone fancy a bimble down to Le Mans for the final round of this years DTM Series ?

€35 Euros gets you a weekend Gold Grandstand ticket.

Tickets - DTM Le Mans - DTM -

With SpeedFerrets price for a return is £50 at the moment.

SpeedFerries fast ferry service between Dover and Boulogne

Friday 3.10.2008 Depart 08:00 Dover / Boulogne Fast Ferry 3.10.2008 Arrive 09:50
Monday 6.10.2008 Depart 18:45 Boulogne / Dover Fast Ferry 6.10.2008 Arrive 18:35
Price so far: £ 49,60

A gentle 4hr trundle down lunching in Rouen is planned for the Friday.

The basic "Premiere Classe le Mans Ouest - Université" hotel has rooms at £40 per night.

Saturday - Your choice - Explore the locality or watch Qualifying and the many various support races. | 05.10.2008 Le Mans Bugatti Circuit

Sunday - Race Day - Nuff Said.

Monday - A gentle meander back taking in lunch in Caen.

If you fancy it let me know by posting to this thread.

Booking tickets, ferries, hotels etc is all up to you, all I'll be doing is planning a nice route down and looking up some old favourite restaurants in Rouen & Caen.

Cheerz - Brownz
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