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Dutchess County NY mini MINI Run - Feb 21

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From Jollynut on NEMINI:

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to let anyone else know who doesn't already know, that I am planning a little escapade here in Dutchess County NY.

It is on Monday 21st of February which is Presidents Day.

This is my first attempt to arrange such an event, so I hope that I can manage to remember where I am going and what I am doing!

The time and place of the meet is to be decided still, but as soon as I have these pieces of information, I will post them in this thread.

I have made quite an interesting route I hope ( well, nearly) and plan to stop for lunch somewhere suitable for MINI Nuts!!!

This will, of course, be weather permitting, with the weather so unpredictable during the winter months, we will have to confirm the whole thing at the last minute.

Hope a few of you will venture out to meet me here, I am really excited at the thought of meeting a few more local MINIacs!!

Stay jolly everyone whatever the weather,

Please post intentions/"register": HERE.

A great way to spend President's Day! And MINIs at Mocha will meet that very evening! The weather's looking up. The roads I personally vouch for.

Cheers all,
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Hello all - this was really kind of GMINI to post this here!! :cool:

The meeting place is at McDonalds in Dover Plains. It is on Rte 22 on the right hand side as you approach Dover Plains from the south. We are meeting at around 10am to aim to set off at 10.30am.

I plan to motor for about an hour and a half, and stop for lunch in the Village of Millerton, and then motor for another hour and a half or so.

As we have a few Nuts coming from quite far away, I left this relatively short so that they do not have to set off for home too late!

Hope you can make it some of you guys - look forward to seeing you. :D

As GMINI asked, please post here to let us know of your intentions to participate, and we will make sure that you all get a chance to be there before we set off without anyone!!! :)
yellowmininy said:
I'm planning on being there!

Go to NEMINI's thread to see how much fun was had in 5" of freshly plowed snow...

It shall be run again! SOON.
It was so much fun all the plows wanted to drive along with us!
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