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In case anyone darn Sarf is interested

Link to the Forum Thread: THIS SUNDAY 12/03/17 - East Sussex MINI Meet & Run ... Beachy Head Takeover

DATE: Sunday 12th March
TIME: from 09.00 if having breakfast (Leave at 10am)
START: The Carwash Diner TN19 7QY
2nd STOP: Next nearest empty lay-by after passing Beachy Head Pub
FINISH: The Beachy Head BN20 7YA
ROUTE LENGH: 33 miles
ROUTE DURATION: 1hr 1mins + Beachy Head ring lap 15mins (drive time)

Same starting point as the last one, being the A21 Diner where we can have a good cooked fry-up or pancakes. Leaving here at 10am to head on some nice countrylanes to the 1st stop which has a Starbucks & Shell garage. Brief regroup & then well be on our way to Beachy Head. The route takes us along the A22 Dual carrigeway to Polegate & then countrylanes to Beachy Head where the roads starts to get steeper.
Follow the road around Beachy Head where we will pass the pub on the right. We will pull in to the nearest Lay-by to regroup & take pictures. After this we will then do a couple of laps of the Beachy Head circuit with a couple of Photographers getting drive by photos.
To finish off we will park up at Beachy Head Pub to have lunch/coffee.
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