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A 7kW shower running on UK mains voltage will draw a current of 29.2 Amps

7000(w) / 240(v) = 29.16

However a 9kW will draw 37.5 Amps or even a more powerfull 9.5kW will draw 39.6 Amps!!!

9000 / 240 = 37.5
9500 / 240 = 39.58

So what current is safe in most domestic wiring? I'm assuming that an older building will only be safe for around 30 Amps?


Deserter Zed
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i cant remember, its bin sum time since i rewired a house (not a spark but dun tha trainin) normal domestic wiring lights an such run off 5 amps, sockets are 20amps, leccy showers is a whole different case of walnuts!
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