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Engine clapping noise after redline revving

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Just wondering if anyone is able to help and provide an opinion on what might be wrong with my engine? I’ve uploaded a video below for reference. Just a bit of background:

I was on my way home and was red lining the rev counter and all of a sudden, I heard a slight bang come from the engine. The car was still running but started to make a clapping noise which got louder in conjunction with the more I accelerated / put more revs in. I managed to get the car home no problem and decided I’d take a look at it the next day.

I put about 1/2 litre of oil in the engine as I was running low on oil (due to an unfixed slow oil leak). Ran the car for approx 2 miles and it came to a stop and just died (all warning lights showing on the dash) and wouldn’t start back up again. After approx 10 mins, I managed to get it going again and I took it round to my local mechanic. During all this time, the engine was still making a clapping noise.

My mechanic has been ridiculously busy and said he’d take a quick look for me. He’s not a Mini/BMW specialist but said that it’s going to need a new engine which all in might cost over £2k with a second hand engine to fix. He thinks the engine was run for some time without oil but I had been topping it up regularly whenever the oil warning sign came on (which was beginning to become more and more frequent; maybe a litre once every month). I think he may have been too busy and just said that it needed a new engine because he didn’t have the time to have a good look or wasn’t specialised enough.

I’ve had a look online and as it has just gone over 100k miles, it would have benefited from a major service to include:

  1. Crank shaft pulley seal replacement to stop leaking oil
  2. Supercharger oil change
  3. Valve cover gasket change / breathing lines change
  4. Oil filter housing gasket and seal and oil and intercooler seal changes
  5. Sump pan gasket change to stop leaking
  6. Water pump and thermostat change to avoid failure
  7. Supercharger replacement to avoid failure
  8. Bypass valve change.
  9. Head gasket change.
  10. Timing chain change.

Does anyone know what the problem might be? Could it be any of the above?

I’d like to be able to take it to a specialist or general mechanic and give them a list of potential issues or fixes so that the problem is identified immediately or even have a go at fixing the problem myself.


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Sounds like a big end bearing to me.
Read more thoroughly now. I guess you mean the oil pressure warning light? If that's the case with that noise I'd agree with your mechanic. It's provably toast.
Hard to tell from the video, but that doesn’t sound like a big end failure, it sounds like cam tensioner (easy and cheap to rule out) and/or exhaust manifold leak.

What ever it is, continuing to use it will make matters worse and more expensive.

If you love the car get it sorted ASAP or it will end up as a parts car.
Don't keep driving your car on the red line. Doing that constantly will damage the engine.
From experience with my 2013 model cooper when the oil light comes on theres absolutely no oil in it, a litre at most so hammering along with very low oil has given you the reward BMW designed into these piles of sh1t.

Mine hasn't blown up yet but I'm trying to find if I can replace the engine with something Japanese as they're far superior to anything built in Europe.
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