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Chasing down some leftover problems after having a new head installed and first Port of call was some diagnostics.
Picked up a creator c310 and returned the following codes.
0107 barometric pressure imput low
1668 airmass calculation error

Grabbed some contact cleaner andnsomebo rings hoping it just needed a clean after been sitting up few months but wasn't that lucky.
Pulled the sonsor from the front of the engine as it's easy to get to and check first and found it ever so slightly ****ed.
New one ordered but as I need the car for morning, and it being 5pm, hauled ass over to my nearby pick a part.proud and ashamed at the same time but managed to beat Google maps by 15mins and nabbed a replacement sensor and grabbed the pcv as well as I noticed mine looks like it's home made. Didn't have time to grab anything else as the staff where closing the place up as I pulled in but I'll be going back. Very nice and new looking performance intercooler and silicone boots on the car for starters. But few other minor bits I'll scavenge too, (rear parcel shelf)
Handle and fuel cap covers where there but turns out they're cheap thin plastic and felt like they were made as well as pound shop Halloween masks so passed on those.

Anyone know if they're all that cheap? Better to strip and paint? Or wrap?
Thinking I'd be as well to paint or wrap everything as they won't sell the headlight trim rings without the lamps and I don't need them so passed on those too.


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So decided to keep mlthe orings as they are.
They look good and can always change if anything seems off.

Realised that my home made looking pcv is actually just the later type screw in valve where the one I nabbed was the push in and bolt type from a pre July/2004 car. Meh, cost me nothing and both valves are perfectly fine as it happens.

After cleaning the replacement map sensor, fitted it, hooked up the c310 and cleared any faults thrown up. Took it for a spin. Country roads. Mix of lower speed and hooligan speed and pushed it as hard as my spine could handle on those roads and no sign of a fault or light reappearing.

Glad I pulled it when I did as that was such a simple fix.
Mechanic is getting a brand new one for me too so I'll keep that one as a spare.
Yoyoing seems gone too. Bypass valve from what I can see a d feel, seems to snap shut and have a bit of resistance to pushing on it. That would have been a pain to go at so happy that's okay.
How hard is the BPV mod to reroute the vacume/pressure lines on it?
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