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Engine light Mini Cooper r56 (not s!)

1395 Views 3 Replies 2 Participants Last post by  mike1967 kind as you read this I know I’ve made some mistakes. So my check engine light came on 3 days ago, solid, then the engine started making a tapping sound, really loud on a cold start. I checked the oil and thought it was fine. Noise got louder so I called out RAC. They were great and pulled these codes off the car ..2845, 2891, 2b68, 2970, 287d. They then checked the oil and there was barely any oil in it...turns out I had been checking it wrong and where I had been wiping it on a paper towel to see where the oil level was that was actually oil it was picking up from the pipe on the way down. It took 3 litres of oil! Started car up and it sounds great...there never was any loss of power but the clunking sound has gone and it drives really smoothly. Reset engine light and I was happy. Drove home later in the day everything fine, went out later and the bloody light has come on again. The engine sounds great, it drives smoothly and I checked the oil level (properly this time) and its fine. I know I should take it to the garage but this month money is tight and it’s driving so well....can it really be a huge issue do you think?
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yes its a big problem lack of oil starts a process one the bearings wearing away even now you have oil its to late the white hard metal will be in your oil filter and not on the bearings where it needs to be.. only going to get worse, you might slow it down by changing oil and sticking some 5/40 oil in it with a couple of can of fort engine restorer might be worth a punt then sell trade it for another car fast
Even though the car sounds and runs ok? There are no other issues, it doesn’t stall, no loss of power, sounds smooth?
time will tell
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