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My wife just purchased a 2014 Countryman S. I've been a mechanic my entire life, and I've never been more confused about the type of engine oil to use in this vehicle. I've read the manual and several threads here dating back to 2002.

The owner's manual says I can use:

Then it says approved oils are:
BMW High Performance 5W30
BMW Longlife-01
BMW Longlife-01 FE

Then it says: Mini recommends "Castrol"

And to add more confusion, there is a label under the hood that says:
"We recommend Mini Synthetic Oil 5-W30" (see attached pic).

I've read in this community forum that Castrol Edge 5W30 is the brand to use, however it must have some kind of BMW certification?

Someone please talk me off the ledge.

I see two types of Castrol Edge available, one is labeled a "Euro" type. (See attached pics)

Can I use either?

Thank you in advance.

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