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I am hoping someone will be able to put my mind at rest .

I took my 2003 R53 to my local handwash where they use a jet wash to clean the cars .

Long story short , sat waiting for the guy to finish going over my car turn my engine on to move the car and I notice my engine temp FLY up as if the car was overheating . I quickly turn the engine off and wait for the guys to completely finish cleaning my car .Upon turning the engine back on I notice a LOT of steam coming from the vent on the front of the car and the engine temp flies up again . As I have to move my car I drive off a few feet and stop and shut down the engine .I leave it a few minutes start the car back up again and the engine temp stays at normal and everything stays ok .Drive the car back home 10 mins away from the car wash and everything is still fine .

Before anyone asks , I filled the coolant and checked the oil etc last week .

Is it possible that when washing the car with the jet wash water got in through the scoop and my car was just reacting to that ?
Completely baffled here and a little worried !
Any advice is more than welcome ( plz bear in mind I am useless at anything mechanical )
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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