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Enrol at MINIVERSITY at this yearâ??s British International Motor Show

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Enrol at MINIVERSITY at this year’s British International Motor Show

This summer MINI UK will open the doors to a brand new model at MINIVERSITY, the Oxford-based car manufacturer’s home at the 2008 British International Motor Show.

Between 22 July and 03 August, ...Read full report
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:hmph: I'm a bit wary of these reports now, Paul. I searching carefully for puns, as you got me good in April... :eek:
Sounds interesting :) & I shall be definitely taking a wander around the stand.

My tickets have been booked since January :eek:, still waiting for them to drop through the letterbox as they haven't been printed yet :rolleyes:
:aargh: kill the saab adds..... :aargh:
ads not adds. enroll not enrol.

wish I was britside!

(Enroll in not at )
did not know that. Thanks for the edducattion! ;)
No problem, on the right side of the pond we understand you're only just learning our wonderful language. ;) :D
Do you need to enrol for this or buy tickets?

I'm going on the Friday :D
At the last Motor Show you just had to show your MINI car key to get on the MINI Barge. I presume it may be the same with this. I'll be there on Friday as well.
We will also be going ion Friday and then doing Dock rock with Status Quo.

Looking forward to a good long day and lots of drinks courtesy of MINI
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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