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Hi, I’m trying to help my neighbours with their 2014 countryman Cooper D.

There’s a warning light on the dash. Error code is 7E8 P115d.

Any ideas?

Garage told them that DPF is locked and they added a cleaner fluid to the fuel but no change and lights back on after 20 miles. I reset light and drove car again and after a bit light can back on. Neighbours say there’s no power loss or anything different just the light.

Any help or advice would be appropriated
below link for fault code P115d
Possible causes
Collateral fault caused by other components in the intake system, Valvetronic, turbocharger
Intake system leaking
Faulty High Flow Meter (HFM)
High Flow Meter (HFM) harness is open or shorted
High Flow Meter (HFM) circuit poor electrical connection
so if dpf filter is blocked or over a percentage 70% then car will try and clean its self by doing a regen ie would need to travel at least 20 miles at 3000-4000 revs to force enough heat and pressure to get it to regen,, ie it raises the temp in exhaust to 700 degrees ish and cooks the soot away,, trouble is every time it does this it leaves a form of dust sand borderline glass in the filter, the filter is a saturation type so will block up this effect the flow from the inlet to the exhaust,
the life of a dpf filter is NOT the life of the car, its a service item, volvo and ford recommend on their cars with dpf 75000 miles needs replacing or professionally cleaning. so if car has done over the 75k it will need a filter for sure, if its done very short trips in built up area this will lower the amount of miles it will do as will not get hot enough to regen,
there is a diagnostics cheap platform on the market you can read the pressure sensors on the dpf filter ie one upstream and one down stream and the ecu can work out the difference in pressures between them and this will give a percentage of how blocked it is,, and also when filter was due for new one and when last filter was fitted,, also gives a percent of what life is left within the filter its called autocom cdp plus link below,,, think it will cover the 2014 year
also a more expensive one includes insta as well not tried this one but might be worth speaking to them

without the software you have zero chance of fixing this, as when replace the filter you will need to tell ecu its new, also reset adaptions, also to diagnose whats wrong and if its effected the vnt in the turbo which is common,, i always remove the exhaust manifold and turbo and egr valve and clean it all as soot builds up when dpf blocks.. also very important engine flush seafoam is the best i have found and clean oil,, as if car is run with filter blocked it causes diesel to by pass the piston rings and ruin the oil and this can destroy the engine,,,
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