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We can't make the same claims as above with regard to the power tools and Happy Meals, but in my MINI I routinely haul my teenager and her friends/boyfriend around. This group includes their school back packs weighing 30 lbs each, their skate bags (medium duffle size) as well as big jackets and blankets needed to sit in the ice rink every day. I usually stop at the store for 2 or three bags of groceries that easily fit on top of the skate bags in the boot. Rarely do I have to put the rear seats down. I'm not sure about the size of golf bags as we don't golf. My dad has no trouble getting in the car and he has limited range of movement in the knees due to knee replacements. His knees don't bend beyond the 45 degree point. My mom's walker (the kind with the flip down seat) fits if I put one seat back down. My MINI is my daily driver and I have no trouble getting in or out. I'm 5'10" tall, my daughter is 5'11", her boyfriend is 6' and my hubby is 6'5" . We all fit! Now that we have a 2nd MINI (hubby's) we like to take both of them. It's kinda like a mini MINI run that way :D The happiness factor must be considered. It is in the immeasurable category for us.

Good luck with your decision.
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