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The MINI is a great daily driver. It hauls everything I've ever tried- from groceries to moving 1000 miles. I rarely fold down the seats to carry what I need. The boot is not huge, but it's easily packed up. One weekend, myself and three friends plus our stuff went skiing and all parties involved were happy on the four hour trip there and then home.

So the MINI is an incredible daily driver. Plus, it's an unbelievable sports car. I can take turns faster than I ever imagined, averaging about 10mph faster than I used to do it in my parent's 325i (which was did them about 20mph faster than "regular" cars). My MINI is a Cooper with no special mods and I know it can do it even faster. The car takes anything I fling at it, making the daily drive a lot of fun. I drove a 330i last summer at a BMW performance drive and it was an excellent drive- very quick and BMW steering is well waited and communicative. It rolled more than the MINI- but it's bigger and didn't have the sports suspension.

In the end, avoid the Japanese- too muted in all respects and no more reliable than a MINI/BMW. The Cooper S is an excellent choice. The M3 is amazing, but any MINI is just as good (although not as quick in a straight line).

MINIs are in a class of there own. One you should enter!
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