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I've used my 02 MC as a daily driver for 2 1/2 years. We are a family of four (my wife, myself and children ages 12 and 6). I found the car to be very easy to live with as a daily workhorse.

Some examples:

1. Grocery shopping - I can usually get a week's worth of groceries in the back w/o folding a seat down. For larger shopping trips one seat usually gets folded.
2. The kids get dropped off at school on a regular basis. The road to their school is an unpaved, hard packed dirt/gravel road. The biggest problem driving a road like that is the car gets dirty so I'm always washing it. ;)
3. I have carried friends and golf clubs easily - fold one seat down and you can get three bags in the car and have room for 3 people.

One thing I really like about the Mini hatch design is that you can pull the seat up from the rear of the car pretty easily so you don't have to open the passenger or driver's door to go from folded seats to room for passengers.

Hope this helps with your decision. I'm replacing my MC with an MCSC so it will be a while before I can judge how useful the car is in ragtop form. :D
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