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ebay. /itm/263968720351?ViewItem=&item=263968720351[/url] < first link

ebay. i/253657613988?chn=ps[/url] < second link

i own a mini cooper, NON S and i need a full exhaust its a 2003, 1.6l mini cooper and with this exhaust

.upsw. /2005-mini-cooper-16l-convertible-exhaust-muffler-pipe/?gclid=CjwKCAjwzPXlBRAjEiwAj_XTEWgLJe3zJwHJtIcZjEK8r-HSw2VAgPjC0EEpfKJJJk88Da3iABBOwRoCxOMQAvD_BwE[/url]

will i be able to put the first link manifold on a non s mini cooper

put com after the dots and remove spaces.
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