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Exporting new car into Canada?

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Ok, let me explain my dilemma: I am originaly from Indiana but I now live in Montreal Canada. My first MINI was from Indiana and I drove it around up here without importing until I sold it this last summer. My plan was to buy another car up here instead of paying the duties and taxes. Well I went in last week to put in the order and the price came out to $41,000 Canadian including taxes (15% here) that equates to US$ 33,300!. The exchange rate has changed drastically over the last couple of years but the prices here have not changed. An equally specced US MINI would be US$ 25,000 (with Indiana 5% sales tax) or CN$ 30,800 Big difference. The taxes and duties for importing the car into canada are CN$ 4,000. What I was thinking of doing is buying the car at the same dealer in Indiana where I would most likely get a discount since our family has bought numerous cars over the years and then import it in. My question is, if I do this do I have to pay the sales tax in Indiana, or can I save this expense as well? I would not register it in Indiana at all, buy it, and drive it across with the dealer plates. But how does the titling of the car work? Do I not get the title until I pay the BMV fees? Or can I first title it here in Montreal. Any insights would be appreciated. If I can do it the no tax route then i'd save roughly CN$ 8,500 this way! Otherwise I'll try to figure some way to title it in New Hampshire where there is 0% tax. Any help is appreciated


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Do your homework on this one,make sure a U.S Mini is importable into Canada,you may find some wierd importation restrictions on that U.S car that makes the extra hassle not worth the effort.Ever wonder why at those prices (Cdn) all Canadians dont just go to the states to buy their cars,As far as all those taxes Welcome to Canada you didnt really think that Medicare was free. :D The only way i can see this working is if you are immigrating to Canada and the car comes along as personal effects,but as you are already hear a sharp customs guy may spot the deception and deny entry of the car,Maybe a local used car might be a better option=tryAuto Hebdo
Slightly off topic but I sent a radio fitting kit to someone in Canada on 8th December, today I recieved it back from Canadian Customs with a note saying do not allow into Canada. It did have a customs decleration with value on the box ??????
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