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Falken Ziex ZE-512's and 18" wheels

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Just a question for those on 18" wheels. I look over the stats in the Aftermarket Tire Replacement post and saw one thing. Not one person on 18 inches has these tires. I see the Falken GRB FK-451's but no Ziex ZE-512. I know they offer them in 215/35 and 215/40 sizes, looking at the stats the 215/35 seems to be the popular size. I personally like the 225/35 size and the 215/40 size which are less popular, the 215/40 being the least popular. Now, I must say I have gotten a chance to ride on the Ziex ZE-512's when my father replaced his runflats on his 325i with them (17"). I love the way they ride and grip. I also see, from, that the Ziex ZE-512 have a better treadwear rating than the FK-451's, but from what I've read the FK-451's are better performance-wise. What is everyone's opinion of these tires for 18" wheels? And also their opinion of these vs. the FK-451's? (Treadwear, performace, etc)

Sorry for the long post, but I just wanted some info because I just bought 18" Centerline RPM's in silver.
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Don't buy falkens ze512.

I was very disapontet with that tire on my cooper s 205/45 17.

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