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FAO Mikeythemini or anyone else????

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I bought the dension ice link from you to connect to my Sony CDX 7500, sound quality is excellent and it works fine - but I have a couple of questions:

If a cd is already in the headunit and I've connected the ipod, the headunit won't let me select CD1 it only allows me to select CD2 and the tuner. Unless i eject the cd and put it back into the unit.

Also if I'm listening to a cd and the ipod isn't connected and the cd finishes, instead of returning back to the first track it automatically goes to CD2. So I have to eject the cd to "cheat" the headunit into letting me listen to the cd.

Do you have any ideas mate?

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The cd 1 or 2 confuses me is that what you see in the display?
Normally for the in dash cd you just see a track number
For ipod 1.02 or 1.01 i.e. disc 1 track 1 as if there was a changer there
Will ask dension
Sorry. Okay, say I am listening to the tuner, press the source button to change to the cd in the headunit it reads "CD1" on the display when I first select this source.

"CD2" on the display is shown when my i-Pod is connected and selected through the source button on my headunit. It then displays as you said disc 1 track 2 etc, Would it be helpful if I took an image of the display??. But the headunit will move from "CD1" to "CD2" if the cd comes to the end of the disc. I'm thinking that the sony unit is getting confused trying to be clever and looking for a cd in what it thinks is a bootchanger, when in fact it is the ice link kit.
Sony head units use the SOURCE key to switch between Tuner and CD. To switch between single CD (CD1) and changer/ice>Link (CD2) use the MODE key. IMO, this is horrible UI design on Sony's part.
Sorry I wasn't reading your post - was assuming you had a Mini stereo - me being stupid
Thanks Lee
Thanks for that Lee! Never thought of the mode button, I'll try it when I drive to work tomorrow. Also thanks for responding Mikey!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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