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Mini one with 17 wheels, pirrelli run flats (boo)

I brought my used mini 18 months ago with two spanking new front tyres. 7 months and 9K mile later they were bald on the inside edge and fine on the outer.

Took back to BMW and I claimed that the tracking is well off and must have been when I brought it. They said they did a KDS before I brought it when the new tyres were put on and everything would have been fine. I argued and battled and finally p*ssed them off enough to get out of them a KDS and two new pirelli run flat tyres.

7 months and 9K miles later Im back here again. Bald innner tyre edges and tracking is 15 degrees out. Im a chilled driver and Ive never kerbed or seriously pot holed the car at all, most of my driving is up and down a strech of the smooth M1.

Took back to BMW and they say there is nothing wrong with any of the suspension components that could knock out the tracking and says its down to my driving- yeah what ever.

Ive taken the car elsewhere to get tyres sorted and they seems to think this is a common problem with some minis, "breathe on the wheel in a certain direction will take out the tracking"!

Ive been looking around the forum here and there are a lot of posts about rapid tyre wear but me thinks its more to do with BMW and less to do with dodgy tyres (although aint the run flats awful)

Your thoughts, experiences and opinions welcome.

Any technical geezer who could suggest what could be causing the problem is definitly welcome as I'd love to take BMW on with this.

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My front tracking (toe-in) had over 1/4" toe-in when I got my MC, and I quickly adjusted it
myself to about 1/16" toe-in. I have been checking it several times a year for over a
year and a half, and it has absolutely stayed put. I've had even tire wear so far
(about 4000 mileson the all season 15" contis I use in winter, and 9000 on the
16" Bridgestone S-03's ...and they have a tread wear index of only 220).

Given your history, I'd have another shop check the alignment after BMW says it's
right. This isn't rocket science, (well, ok, it is pocket-rocket science), and it's cheap
and easy for you or someone else to check without a KDS.

If this was from an aggressive driving style, one would expect the outer edges to be worn.
I'll bet the uneven and excessive wear is from the toe-in being out of spec, but
if you had excessive negative camber in the front (stock is about -1/2 degree), that would
also cause the inside tread to wear excessively. You'd have to have a bent or off-spec
suspension part to cause that, and camber isn't adjustable without adding expensive
camber plates.

Good luck on the next set!
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